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Jacksonville selected as one of five cities to host the 2019 Spartan US National Series

WW Ranch Motocross Park to host the competition

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The best endurance athletes from across the region kick off the five-race 2019 Spartan US National Series in Jacksonville on Feb. 23 at the WW Ranch Motocross Park. The competitive Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) series leads to the regional 2019 Spartan North American Championship.

Contestants will be vying for more than $110,000 in prize money during the series, starting in Jacksonville and concluding in Huntsville, Utah.

The opening race of the US National Series comes to WW Ranch Motocross Park for the first time. The two-day event, presented by Visit Jacksonville and hosted by Airstream Ventures, features the Spartan Super (8 to 10 miles, 24+ obstacles) race on Saturday and the Spartan Sprint (3 to 5 miles, 20-plus obstacles) race on Sunday. There are also Spartan kid races available on Saturday and Sunday, presented by the City of Jacksonville.

“We’re excited to partner with Spartan on bringing a US National Series race to Jacksonville,” said Michael Corrigan, president and CEO of Visit Jacksonville. “Thanks to our partners at the City of Jacksonville, WW Ranch and Airstream Ventures, we have a great opportunity to showcase our city on a national level in a truly unique event.”

Unfolding across more than 40 countries, the 2019 Spartan Global Championship Series features N14 national Series races leading to stand-alone championship events in five regions (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East & Africa), paving the road to the World Championship in North Lake Tahoe, CA.

“With the excitement around the race last year, we’re proud to partner with Spartan on bringing the race back this year and elevating it to a national series race,” said Alan Verlander, CEO of Airstream Ventures. “Without the support of our vision from the City of Jacksonville, Tourist Development Council and Visit Jacksonville, this wouldn’t be possible.”

Spartan events focus on sport and athleticism, pushing the bodies and minds of competitors to the limit across miles of unforgiving terrain while they conquer signature obstacles such as the Spear Throw, Bucket Brigade and Barbed Wire Crawl.

For more information on Spartan in Jacksonville, log on to the Spartan Jacksonville race website.

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