Nitro Rallycross comes to The FIRM for 2021 season

Premier Racing Tour Brings Major Event to North Florida

KEYSTONE HEIGHTS, Fla. – Nitro Rallycross, the brainchild of action sports star Travis Pastrana, will host its final of five races in the United States at The Florida International Rally & Motorsports Park (The FIRM) on Dec. 4-5, 2021.

In addition to going bumper to bumper against each other on NRX’s massive courses, these elite pros will have to contend with an extreme range of conditions – from the dry desert and towering mountains of the southwest to the lush wetlands of the southeast - showcasing extraordinary backdrops at every turn. The racing will be packed into intense, short-form battles, pitting drivers against one another head-to-head in 600 HP supercars capable of accelerating faster than a Formula 1 vehicle.

“It is so awesome to see the momentum building for Nitro Rallycross,” said Travis Pastrana, global motorsports icon and the driving force behind this racing revolution. “The reaction from teams has been fantastic. We’ve already confirmed more supercar entrants than ever before in an NRX event. Building four all new, unique and crazy tracks for this year to go along with Utah Motorsports Campus is something all of us have been working toward for years. It’s going to be round after round of new challenges and excitement.”

“We truly believe that NRX is the future of motorsport and our 2021 series will usher in a new era of rallycross in North America and beyond,” said Joe Carr, CEO of Thrill One Sports & Entertainment, parent company of Nitro Rallycross.

Each stop will also include a separate NRX NEXT competition to provide the next generation of emerging talent an opportunity to hone their skills in this pioneering new motorsport discipline. Drivers from both ranks will have the opportunity to train on NRX’s cutting-edge courses year-round, ramping up progression further still, since all tracks will be a permanent addition to each facility.

“The FIRM is excited to be the Florida venue for the NRX North American tour,” said Larina Hintze, Vice President of The FIRM. “We share the same passion and goal to create a memorable experience for enthusiasts while providing some of the best technical driver training in the world. Nitro Rallycross program is creating an exciting motorsports event the entire family can take part. At The FIRM, 'We Drive Passion' and we appreciate NRX giving us the opportunity to share our combined passion through this family fun event at The FIRM!"